Break Through Fitness Boredom!

Bored of treadmills, stationary bikes, and stair-climbers? Then kick, punch and sweat your way through our 60 minute, high-intensity no-contact, kickboxing class. Combine small group interaction with one-on-one training by our “best-in-class” fitness professionals, and you’ll never have a boring workout again.

Our classes are designed to offer challenge, intensity, inspiration and fun for members of all fitness levels. Within your small group, you can make each station as forgiving – or as demanding – as you wish. There are no rusty barbells, confusing machines, or complicated routines.

Each class is scientifically designed to combine optimal aerobic and anaerobic workouts to create Total Body Lean Muscle. As you burn fat, you will build lean muscle, increase your endurance, and improve your cardiovascular stamina. You will not find a better total body workout anywhere – all coached by our highly trained, certified instructors.

Impact Your Weight!

The first thing our members notice after coming to a couple of classes is that they start to lose weight. They’re moving their bodies in ways that they have not moved potentially ever. So, therefore, their bodies are adapting and utilizing different fuels to help support their new activity. Our members are pleasantly surprised by their rapid weight loss success. This inspires them to do more classes and work harder in the classes that they come to.

Because Fight Club Fitness classes are so diverse and varied, utilizing cardiovascular exercise, strength training, agility, flexibility, and muscular endurance our members are able to create total body lean muscle. This helps increase their metabolism throughout the day…well after class is finished.

Impact Your Body!

Body Transformation: From fat to fit in a short amount of time. Because no class is ever the same at Fight Club Fitness our members bodies don’t get complacent. The Human body is an amazing machine and needs to be constantly tricked to abtain opimum results.

The varied workouts and distinctly different exercises help our members transform their bodies quicker than anything they’ve tried in the past. Increased energy, firmer arms and legs coupled with tight buns and a thinner waist means the only problems our members have to solve is where to buy their new smaller clothes.

Impact Your Mind!

From the first punch or kick the stress of the day disappears as you immerse yourself in a workout, where you don’t have to think. Just go with the flow. You will feel a total “mind flush” that instantly puts you at ease and makes you feel better (about your day and about life itself). The positive mental impact is beyond question at Fight Club Fitness. No matter what kind of day you are having, you will always leave class in a good mood, ready to make an impact on the rest of your day.

Impact Your Health!

Everyone knows that working out is good for you. But many don’t know how far reaching its benefits are in your overall levels of health and longevity. Our bodies were designed to move. It’s a simple fact of ”If you don’t use it… You lose it”. As we age, if we don’t remain active, we lose cardiovascular capacity as well as strength and mobility.

At Fight Club Fitness we make an impact on your health in many different ways because of the specially designed classes that we do for all size, shapes, ability levels and ages.