High Intensity Interval Training – based on a Kick Boxing Theme.

Fight Club Fitness (FCF) provides a classbased, full body, high intensity interval training concept based around the disciplines and values of no-contact kick-boxing. FCF classes use cardiovascular exercise, music, and group motivation dynamics to achieve personal results for our members. Classes offer challenge, inspiration and fun for members of all fitness levels, combining optimal aerobic and anaerobic workouts to create total body lean muscle through a fun, ever-changing, fitness regime coached by highly-trained, certified instructors. Punch, kick, lift and burn your way through our 60 minute classes. It’s tough. It’s rewarding. But most of all, it’s fun!

Don’t let the name fool you…

• This is NOT an MMA or Boxing class

• Fight Club Fitness is a premium fitness concept using small group circuit training

• Fight Club Fitness is a Class Only concept.

• Fight Club Fitness membership is around 60% female!

• Fight Club Fitness is a No-contact kickboxing class.

• Fight Club Fitness includes strength training, cardio-vascular exercise, muscular endurance and agility in all classes.

• You can talk about the Fight Club!